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Peoria Pool Tile Cleaning Services

You own a pool here in the Peoria area, so you know that there are many components to maintaining your pool in pristine condition. You want a great pool tile cleaning service that can truly get the most beautiful results without using harsh or toxic chemicals; you want to work with Bullfrog Pool Tile Cleaning! We offer a wide range of available services, from pool tile cleaning and acid washing to draining, cleaning of water features, and even Pebble-Tec cleaning. Our industry experience has prepared us to offer the best value while using products we've hand-selected for effectiveness and safety.


Professional Pool Tile Cleaning Services in Peoria

Our pool tile cleaning services are positively different from any other local company, for good reason. We chose to seek out an alternative to glass bead technologies, which do remove calcium deposits but are damaging and are ultimately less successful and safe than our chosen tile-cleaning medium. Our superior choice is eco-friendly and doesn't even require us to drain your pool! Since we care about our customers, we chose a cleaning medium that keeps both your pool tile and your pool visitors as safe as possible.

Peoria Pool Acid Washing Services

After time, pools naturally accrue build-up and mineral stains; for these needs, we offer acid washing. Our pool acid washing services begin with draining your pool, pressure washing contaminants away, and using an acid wash to sanitize and clean with excellent results. You only need an acid wash every 2-3 years, and you'll find that it really helps maintain your pool in superior condition long-term. 


Peoria Pool Draining Services

We recommend, in Peoria, that you drain your pool completely once every 2 or 3 years in order to clean it thoroughly and remove accumulated minerals and solids. Bullfrog offers the most comprehensive pool draining services, and we are ready to help you protect and maintain your pool's interior.

Pool Acid Wash and Pool Draining

Bullfrog’s swimming pool acid washing and pool tile cleaning services can revitalize and remove stains from your plaster or pebble pool interior. Arizona pool acid washing and pool draining services are vital to keeping your swimming pool looking its best. We specialize in cleaning green pools, cleaning algae, removing stains and unwanted calcium deposits all so you don't have to. Relax and leave the work to us!

Peoria Pebble-Tec Cleaning Services

Pebble-Tec is a tricky substance, so we worked to develop our method of using non-toxic cleaning media with compressed air in order to clean your Pebble-Tec surfaces. Best of all, you don't have to drain your pool in order to benefit from this eco-friendly process. Our gentle cleansers used during our pebble-tec cleaning services are effective without being harsh.


Peoria Water Feature & Fountain Cleaning Services 

Whether your pool features a cool water feature or a beautiful fountain, we can help with cutting down on calcium build-up without using intense chemicals that alter the pH of your water. Our effective, eco-friendly products cleanse your whole pool and fountain system and leave you both satisfied and proud of your pool area. Our water feature cleaning services simlpy stand above the rest.

Are you a local Peoria pool owner who takes pride in a beautifully clean, safe pool? Call Bullfrog Pool Tile Cleaning today to book a free, no-obligation consultation.