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Arizona Pool Acid Washing

Pool acid washing is vital in removing calcium, mineral staining and controlling algae in plaster and pebble-tec swimming pools.

Bullfrog's Pool Acid Washing Service removes these harmful contaminates in three simple steps:

  1. We start by installing an automatic submersible pump and completely drain all the water out of your pool.
  2. We then use a high-pressure power washer to help remove those hidden contaminates on your pool’s floor and walls.
  3. Finally, we apply an acid cleaning solution designed to brighten and sanitize the plaster and pebble-tec surface while safely removing most stains.

A typical pool generally only needs an acid-washing every 2-3 years, only if you regularly treat and maintain the water. If you don’t, our team of professionals can come out to your property, assess your home’s swimming pool and give you a personal service quote. It’s as easy as that!

Never worry about damaging or harsh cleaning solutions being used from our Arizona pool acid washing experts. There’s a reason we were voted the #1 pool tile cleaning company in town. We specialize in cleaning green pools, cleaning algae, removing bad stains and removing calcium build up all so you don't have to. Our technicians will always ensure your satisfaction, no matter what. Relax and leave the work to Bullfrog!

Check out our specials on this affordable solution to controlling hard water minerals, removing calcium deposits, algae staining and help make your home’s largest investment look brand new again! Just call Bullfrog, we’ll do the pool acid washing for you!