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Scottsdale Pool Tile Cleaning Services

Bullfrog Pool Tile Cleaning has helped thousands of local customers remove pool waterline calcium from pool tile, pebble-tec, fountains and stone. We pride ourselves in our unique ability to clean delicate glass pool tile, granite and limestone without damage, guaranteed!

Arizona’s hard water contributes to pool calcium staining on pebble and plaster pool interiors. Our pool acid washing and pool draining services remove pool staining and slows future growth of calcium in pools, fountains, water features, spa spillways, waterfalls and more.

Bullfrog is licensed, bonded, insured and proud to be your preferred pool tile cleaning and calcium removal specialists. We provide FREE estimates and guarantee your satisfaction!

Scottsdale Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning Services

We've developed a safe, non-abrasive alternative to damaging glass bead tile cleaning. Our Scottsdale pool tile cleaning services safely cleans and removes that stubborn white calcium ring around the pool.  Bullfrog’s pool tile cleaning methods use a non-toxic, water soluble, eco-friendly cleaning process designed to safely clean pool, spa and glass tile without the need of draining your pool.

If your pool has calcium build-up and needs our professional assistance, check out Our Process and FAQ’s pages for more information.

Scottsdale Pool Acid Washing Services

Swimming pool acid washing removes pool calcium, dirt and mineral stains on plaster and pebble-tec pool interiors that should be part of a comprehensive pool maintenance program. Bullfrog specializes in professional acid washing and revitalizing pool interior surfaces. Our proven methods include draining, pressure washing and chemical treating pool surfaces to remove staining and brighten your pool's finish.

Our professional pool acid washing services can help rejuvenate your swimming pool surface today!

Scottsdale Pool Draining Services

Draining your swimming pool every 2-years will prolong its life and save you money!

It’s true… Pool draining services remove hard water, excessive minerals, solids and contaminates that overtime cause pool chemicals to become ineffective in sanitizing pool water. Old pool water containing high levels of hardness that cause rapid calcium scale and mineral deposit growth on pool tile, spillways and water features. Though Bullfrog specializes in pool tile cleaning and the removal of calcium and mineral buildup, draining your pool water will help slow pool scale build-up and increase efficiency of pool chemicals, so you use less.

Drain your pool and start saving money today!

Scottsdale Pebble-Tec Cleaning Services

Our pebble-tec cleaning services removes hard water deposits and calcium waterline scale without the need of draining your pool. Our professional technicians will lower you pool water level to expose the white calcium line, professionally clean, vacuum and start to refill and leave your pebble-tec pool clean and rid of calcium scale. 

Pebble-tec cleaning is our specialty, let Bullfrog remove the white “ring around your pool” today.

Scottsdale Water Feature & Fountain Cleaning Services 

Arizona pools with waterfalls and fountains accumulate hard water calcium and scale build-up. Our water feature and fountain cleaning services remove calcium on rock waterfalls, courtyard fountains, spillways and more. If you have unsightly white build-up and hard water deposits, we can clean it!

If you live in Scottsdale and need fountain or water feature cleaning, contact Bullfrog Pool Tile Cleaning today for a free estimate!