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Pool Tile Cleaning Services in Phoenix

Phoenix swimming pools provide summer heat relief, family fun and are the main focus of your backyard oasis. Trust Bullfrog Pool Tile Cleaning to keep your pool looking it’s best year-round.  We offer a wide range of pool, spa, fountain and water feature cleaning and calcium removal services that are safe and chemical free. We utilize proven methods that are guaranteed to clean pool tile, glass tile, pebble-tec, plaster, fountains, rock and stone without damaging any of those materials.

We are proud to be Phoenix’s most trusted and experienced pool tile cleaning and calcium removal company. Contact us for a FREE estimate today!

Phoenix Pool Tile Cleaning Services

Our team of professionals have perfected the removal of calcium deposits on all types of swimming pool tile. We can successfully and safely clean calcium from ceramic, porcelain, delicate glass and hand painted pool tile without the use of damaging glass bead blasting. Our pool tile cleaning process is safe, eco-friendly and guaranteed to clean pool tile with amazing results!

Phoenix Pool Acid Washing Services

Acid washing swimming pools removes dirt, hard water deposits, calcium staining and helps refurbish pebble-tec and plaster pool interiors. If you’ve encountered hard water mineral deposits, rust spots or green pool staining, our pool acid washing services can help restore your pools interior back to looking it best. We recommend pool acid washing to help sanitize and remove calcium build-up, dirt stains, hard water deposits and green algae staining. If your pool interior is stained or you have questions about our acid washing services, give us a call or text. 

Phoenix Pool Draining Services

Draining your pool in Phoenix every 2-years is an essential part of protecting and maintaining a good pool maintenance and water chemistry strategy.  Pool draining continues to be the “most cost effective and efficient” way to remove pool hard water, cyanuric acid (CYA), high calcium levels and total dissolved solids (TDS). Other benefits of frequent pool draining are the use of less chemicals, easier to maintain and balance water chemistry, help control green and yellow algae blooms and reduced the risk of interior staining caused by hard water and calcium.

Our pool draining services “saves you money” by slowing calcium buildup on waterline pool tile and pebble-tec and removing contaminates that increase plaster and pebble interior pool staining.  

Phoenix Pebble-Tec Cleaning Services

Do you have a white calcium line on your pebble-tec pool or spa? Bullfrog Pool Tile Cleaning can help…

Pool calcium waterline buildup is normal in Phoenix, especially on pebble-tec. This buildup can be easily removed with our pebble-tec cleaning service. One of our professionally trained technicians will lower the pool water, just enough to expose the calcium line, then through the use of compressed air and non-toxic, non-damaging cleaning media will safely remove that stubborn pebble-tec calcium buildup, all without needing to drain you pool. After the cleaning process is complete, we will vacuum and remove the calcium and used cleaning media and have you pool swim ready in 24hrs.

Phoenix Water Feature & Fountain Cleaning Services 

We specialize in cleaning courtyard fountains, pool stacked stone and rock waterfalls. Our Phoenix water feature & fountain cleaning service removes calcium build-up and hard water deposits from rock, stone, granite, flagstone, travertine and all your backyard water features and swimming pool surfaces.

If it has calcium on it, Bullfrog can clean it!